Auto Detailing

Auto Detailing

Auto detailing is the process of deep cleaning an automobile. It involves completely cleaning out the interior and the exterior of the vehicle. When a car is detailed, every inch of the vehicle is cleaned, vacuumed, and polished. The reason it is called detailing is because it involves cleaning every detail of the vehicle, inside and out. We at All Pro Detail take the time to make your car look as brand new as possible when we are finished. We use special cleaning supplies that can remove stains and improve the look and smell of any car, no matter how old or dirty it is.

During auto detailing, particular attention is paid to the car’s carpets. If there are carpet pads on the floors they will be removed and cleaned separately. An auto detailing technician will thoroughly vacuum all of the carpeted areas of the car with a high-powered vacuum hose. The tech will then find any stains that might be in the carpeting and treat them with a strong cleanser until they are gone. The carpet mats will undergo the same sort of cleaning process outside of the car. Once the carpet is clean and dry, the mats will be returned to the flooring.

Auto detailing also includes aggressive cleaning of the seats, doors, and dashboard. Our technicians will work to vacuum out every bit of dirt from the cracks and crevices of a car’s seats. If the seats are cloth, they will be vacuumed and treated with stain remover where necessary. If the seats are vinyl or leather, they will be wiped down with a cleaner and then treated with a product that will help maintain their softness and shine. All of the tiny crevices and curves of the dashboard and door panels will be wiped down with a cleaner and then treated with a preservative.

The exterior of the car will be washed thoroughly and dried by hand. We offer a clay bar treatment, compounding of the paint for scratches and scuffs, polish the paint to restore your luster and shine, and finally we apply a Teflon based sealer that protects your paint for at least 4-6 months!

The car’s windows will be cleaned inside and out with a good quality window cleaner. Special trim will be given an extra polish before the car is returned to the owner.

Auto Detailing is more than just running your car through your local hand car wash (which will infact damage your car) or putting on a coat of wax. Detailing your car is thoroughly cleaning it, removing contaminates, swirls, scratches, oxidation and other imperfections from your paint to produce a show-quality level of detail.

Regular detailing extends the life of your car and actually adds to its value. Car detailing is extremely effective in cases where cars sit outside, subject to the cruelties of the environment, such as sand, sleet, snow, pollen, bird droppings and more – all entities that can erode a vehicle’s good looks by wearing through its protective clear coat and eventually consuming the layers of paint. Automotive detailing is car care taken to the max.

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair (PDR), also known as “paintless dent removal”, is a collection of techniques for removing minor dents and dings from the body of a motor vehicle. A wide range of damage can be repaired using PDR; however, usually if there is paint damage, PDR may be unsuitable.

The most common practical use for PDR is the repair of hail damage, door dings, minor body creases, and minor bumper indentations. The techniques can also be applied to help prepare the damaged panel for paint. Such applications are referred to as “push to paint”, or “push for paint”.

Limiting factors for a successful repair using PDR include the flexibility of the paint, and the amount the metal has been stretched by the damage incurred. Hence, often extremely sharp dents and creases may not be repairable – at least not without painting afterwards.

Methods of Repair:

The most common methods of paintless dent repair utilize metal rods and body picks to push the dents out from the inner side of the body panel being repaired. Also, glue may be used from the outside of the panel to pull the dents out. In either case, fine-tuning of the repair often involves “tapping” down the repair to remove small high spots, making the surface flat. Paintless Dent Repair may be used on both aluminum and steel panels. Our quality technicians can use these high spots that are barely visible to match the texture of the paint.

The technology of PDR has been around for many years. Fluorescent lighting, or in some cases a light-reflection board, is used to see the shadows created by the deformation of the dent. This is an important aspect of the repair process. Without a Paintless Dent Repair light board or reflector board, the fine detail of the process is unseen, and the technician cannot locate their tool specifically and cannot remove the damage accurately. The process of Paintless Dent Repair requires a technician to specifically push exact locations of metal to a precise height, which can only be witnessed with use of a PDR reading instrument, such as a Paintless Dent Repair reflector board or Paintless Dent Repair light.

Bumper Cover Repair

Bumper Cover Repair

Plastic Bumper Cover Repair: Plastic bumpers don’t always need to be replaced when damage occurs! Instead they can be saved with innovative auto reconditioning techniques. Our experienced technicians can repair scuffed, scratched, dented, detached, and torn bumpers for much less than the cost of replacement. We offer 2 day service, and we guarantee your satisfaction! We also offer free estimates on your damage and will give you realistic predictions of what is possible with bumper repair.

Experience how easy and convenient repairing your damaged bumper can be!Many repair shops will tell you that your damaged bumper needs to replaced, or at least removed and re-installed, resulting in a much higher cost than a professional repair at All Pro Detail. We are able to repair your vehicle for less simply because we use innovative techniques that are not widely known in the industry, saving you time and money while giving you the results you are looking for!

We use only the highest quality paints and sealants available on the market to keep your car looking like new!

You can relax knowing that our experienced technicians use a computer and the factory paint codeon your vehicle to expertly match the color of your vehicle.

Ozone Shock Treatment

Ozone Shock Treatment

Ozone Shock Treatment: Ozone is a trace constituent of the atmosphere which is naturally produced by the ultraviolet rays from the sun. Ozone is an unstable blue gas with an odor that is easy to recognize, and in low levels makes the air smell fresh and its color makes the sky blue. When 03 comes in contact with odor producing particles and bacteria, the oxidation process occurs. When ozone comes in contact with mold and mildew, pollen, odors, or other airborne bacteria, one of those atoms combines with the pollutants rendering them inactive by oxidation, leaving behind pure clean oxygen, 02.

Ozone generators are effective for automotive detailing and many other areas of cleanup. Ozone generators are used in hotel rooms, office buildings, residential homes, boats, basements or crawl spaces and much more!

An ozone air cleaner is very effective when used in the clean up process following fires to get rid of the smoke odors, or in flood restoration to kill mold and mildew. Ozone is often used by cleanup crews following a fire to help recover items ruined by smoke damage. Many of the unfortunate hurricane flood victims in the Gulf Coast states have found our air purifiers to be the machine of choice for helping reduce their mold and mildew problems and re-creating a safe air environment within their homes.

Experts in mold remediation use ozone generators to kill mold in the air either before or after demolition and reconstruction. For automotive use, ozone generators assist professional auto detailers with the permanent removal of smoke odors, stale pet odors, mildew and odors caused by leaky interiors. Many professional auto detailers charge up to $100 for a single ozone treatment. Used car dealers are a perfect candidate for ozone treatment because many of their traded vehicles have offensive smoke odors that need to be eliminated before they can be re-marketed.

Give us a call at All Pro Detail to find out how we can help you with any odors you may have with your vehicle.

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